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Our team of technicians will help with the configuration and installation of your network for new storage solutions. We will set up the hardware and software, connect to shared folders and migrate the NAS. After completing the basic configuration, additional tasks like running system updates, creating and managing users and groups, joining workgroup and domains, using Ethernet NIC teaming (optional), adjusting logging for system, application, and security events, and installing third-party software applications may be required. To ensure the security of your storage system, we highly recommend you install the latest critical security updates. User and group information and permissions determine access to files. In a workgroup environment, user and group information is stored locally, while in a domain environment, it is stored on the domain. Users and groups in a domain environment are managed via standard Windows or Active Directory domain administration methods. Some models come with an HP or Broadcom NIC Teaming utility that allows administrators to configure and monitor Ethernet network interface controller (NIC) teams in a Windows-based operating system.
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